Transparent Communication for Distributed Objects in Java. Michael Hicks, Suresh Jagannathan, Richard Kelsey, Jonathan T. Moore, and Cristian Ungureanu. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Java Grande Conference, pages 160--170. ACM, June 1999.

We describe a native-code implementation of Java that supports distributed objects. In order to foster the correctness of distributed programs, remote access is syntactically and semantically indistinguishable from local access. This transparency is provided by the runtime system through the implicit generation of remote references to an object when it is passed as an argument or returned from a remote method call. Consistency is achieved through the use of a distributed (and thus scalable) global addressing scheme. Experiments show that application performance is a function of data layout, access algorithm, and local workload. For distributed applications, such as distributed databases, these factors may not be known statically, suggesting the importance of runtime support.

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