PLAN: A Packet Language for Active Networks (Extended version). Michael W. Hicks, Pankaj Kakkar, Jonathan T. Moore, Carl A. Gunter, and Scott M. Nettles. Unpublished manuscript. Consolidates ICFP 98, IPL 98, Allterton 99 papers, May 2006.

The Internet protocols were designed to emphasize simple rout- ing elements and intelligent hosts. However, there are applications that benefit from allowing hosts to customize or program routers, a concept known as active networking. Since routers are shared, this raises challenges with delivering sufficient flexibility while preserving or improving performance, security, and safety. PLAN (Packet Lan- guage for Active Networks) is a language designed for the SwitchWare active network architecture. This architecture comprises active pack- ets containing PLAN programs that invoke service routines over an active OS. PLAN is based on the polymorphic lambda calculus and provides a restricted set of primitives and datatypes that enables rea- soning about its impact on network resources based on features of the language design. This paper focuses on the PLAN language with the aim of consolidating a variety of studies that were carried out in the years after its introduction in 1998. These studies include the require- ments for PLAN, its design, programming in PLAN, the specification and theory of PLAN, and its use in networking applications.

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