User-specified Adaptive Scheduling in a Streaming Media Network. Michael Hicks, Adithya Nagarajan, and Robbert van Renesse. Technical Report CS-TR-4430, University of Maryland Department of Computer Science, March 2003.

In disaster and combat situations, mobile cameras and other sensors transmit real-time data, used by many operators and/or analysis tools. Unfortunately, in the face of limited, unreliable resources, and varying demands, not all users may be able to get the fidelity they require. This paper describes MediaNet, a distributed multi-media processing system designed with the above scenarios in mind. Unlike past approaches, MediaNet's users can intuitively specify how the system should adapt based on their individual needs. MediaNet uses both local and on-line global resource scheduling to improve user performance and network utilization, and adapts without requiring underlying support for resource reservations. Performance experiments show that our scheduling algorithm is reasonably fast, and that user performance and network utilization are both significantly improved.

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