Verified Compilation of Quantum Oracles. Liyi Li, Finnegan Voichick, Kesha Hietala, Yuxiang Peng, Xiaodi Wu, and Michael Hicks, December 2021.

Quantum algorithms often apply classical operations, such as arithmetic or predicate checks, over a quantum superposition of classical data; these so-called oracles are often the largest components of a quantum algorithm. To ease the construction of efficient, correct oracle functions, this paper presents VQO, a high-assurance framework implemented with the Coq proof assistant. The core of VQO is OQASM, the oracle quantum assembly language. OQASM operations move qubits among three different bases via the Quantum Fourier Transform and Hadamard operations, thus admitting important optimizations, but without inducing entanglement and the exponential blowup that comes with it. OQASM's design enabled us to prove correct VQO's compilers -- from a simple imperative language called OQIMP to OQASM, and from OQASM to SQIR, a general-purpose quantum assembly language -- and allowed us to efficiently test properties of OQASM programs using the QuickChick property-based testing framework. We have used VQO to implement oracles used in Shor's and Grover's algorithms, as well as several common arithmetic operators. VQO's oracles have performance comparable to those produced by Quipper, a state-of-the-art but unverified quantum programming platform.

arXiv ]

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