Conferences in an Era of Expensive Carbon. Benjamin Pierce, Michael Hicks, Crista Lopes, and Jens Palsberg. Communications of the ACM, March 2020. Preprint at

Air travel is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions when tallied per traveler. This means that for many scientists, travel to conferences may be a substantial or even dominant part of their individual contribution to climate change. What should ACM do, in recognition of this situation? Two years ago, SIGPLAN convened an ad hoc Climate Committee to research this question; we are its members. After investigating many options and intensive and wide-ranging discussions, we are putting forward two concrete proposals. First, all ACM conferences should publicly account for the greenhouse gases emitted as a result of putting them on. Second, ACM should put a price on carbon in conference budgets, to create pressure on organizers to reduce their footprints.

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